An independent registered investment adviser

Essential Investment Partners, LLC is an independent, fee only wealth management and investment advisory firm managing more than $135 million (6/30/19) for individuals, families, foundations and other institutions.  We are privately owned and are paid only by our clients.  We do not earn any income from financial product providers.  We are registered as an Investment Adviser with the US Securities and Exchange Commission under the rules associated with the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

A fiduciary to our clients

We are always fiduciaries to our clients.  This means we put our clients' interests first.  Period.  And, we never take custody of your assets -- all investments are held at an independent custodian in your name so you are always in control.  

A small but highly experienced team of professionals

You receive the attention and personal service of a professional team with decades of financial experience.  You are not one of hundreds or thousands of clients.  We focus on a relatively small number of clients so you get highly personalized attention.

We help clients make smart financial decisions

We help you organize your financial life and make decisions based on a clear view of the facts.  We encourage you to consult with us on any financial issue, whether it involves your investments or not.  You can count on us for an objective viewpoint.  

Most of our time is spent managing investments, internally or through selected independent managers

Our investing processes are designed with your objectives and your best interests as the centerpiece.  We use a hybrid approach: a combination of internally managed investments and select independent investment managers.  We focus on those areas of the financial markets we know best and select independent experts to manage investments in other areas.  This approach is used by many large institutional investors and we share the belief in the benefits of this approach.    

We put a high value on consistency in our investment approach

Our investment approach can be summed up with one word: consistency. Whether we are researching stocks, mutual funds,  closed end funds, hedge funds or ETFs, our investment process focuses on investments that are likely to deliver consistent and reliable results. We developed our two main disciplines using this philosophy and they serve as principal building blocks for wealth management client portfolios. 

We believe that the consistent growth companies that comprise the Essential Growth Portfolio℠ allow us to invest our clients’ assets in equities in a prudent, risk-controlled fashion. On the fixed income side, the unique strategies employed in the Essential Absolute Return Portfolio provide our clients the opportunity to achieve attractive returns while taking less interest rate risk than a typical bond portfolio. 

Contact Information

Our telephone number is 303.333.8498 and our fax number is 303.333.1588.  Our offices are located in the Denver Tech Center at:  4600 South Syracuse Street, Suite 410, Denver CO 80237.  

Important Disclosure

Essential Investment Partners, LLC will transact investment advisory business in states only to the extent the firm has made or is exempt from the requisite notice filings. No follow up or individualized responses to persons in other jurisdictions that involve either rendering or attempting to render personalized investment advice for compensation will be made absent compliance with applicable legal requirements, or an applicable exemption or exclusion. Please read the Form ADV for Essential Investment Partners, LLC for more complete information regarding the firm and its services.  You may read it here EIP ADV Brochure.

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