Good News from Essential

2012 turned out to be a very good year – our clients experienced strong absolute returns and we were blessed by the expansion of our client roster.  We closed 2012 at just over $100 million in assets under management and plan to continue to grow in a measured way that puts client service first and foremost.  

Speaking of continued growth, we are pleased to announce that Mark Asaro, CFA,  has been promoted to Portfolio Manager.  Mark has done an excellent job in all aspects of our investment research – he and Jon Zeschin now co-manage all client portfolios. 

In addition, we have named Marce Webster to the position of Client Service Director.  Marce is the consummate client service professional, making sure that all aspects of our clients’ interactions with us and their custodians run smoothly.  

A great deal of the credit for our clients’ investment success goes to Mark and Marce – they are always ready to do whatever is needed for our clients.